The BIG BILL Product Selector APP! Now Available on the App Store for iPad!


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The Simplest way to find your best high vis garment! 
The App is designed to help guide you through:

  • Protection Type if Applicable
  • CSA Z96 Standard
  • ANSI 107 Standard
  • Industry Type
  • Color
  • Care 

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The BIG BILL Product Selector App includes 200+ Workwear & Flame-Resistant Protetive garment SKU's with product images, spec sheets, videos, technical data sheets, and other collateral all in one place.


The BIG BILL Product Selector App is designed to make it easy to select the right BIG BILL products by taking the complex catalogue and simplifying the entire process. Through the product selector tool you will find it easy to select the PPE by narrowing down the options.


BIG BILL App Features & Benifts:

  • The BIG BILL App filters the selections or questions to arrive at the best option available for your customer.
  • You can build a complex uniform bid, or complete order simply by answering a series of questions.
  • The BIG BILL App ensures you only select compatible products.
  • Compile a list of products and accessories that meet your needs in any safety category.


Explore BIG BILL products

  • ‘From the Main Menu, tap All Products. This section will allow you to browse the entire BIG BILL Product catalogue.
  • Scroll through and browse in either Grid View or List View. When you tap on a product, the new page provides a detailed display with product descriptions, features and benefits, and links to literature and technical documents.


Product Detail Page Overview

  • Understand the product better: When you select a product from the product category page, the App will display a page with detailed information about the product. You will find product descriptions, a large high resolution image of the product, product numbers, case quantities, links to literature and technical data sheets.
  • Tap on any of the links and the BIG BILL App will automatically launch a browser to load them up.


Email, Connect & Share

  • Build your shopping list and share the products you have selected using the BIG BILL App.
  • Share the shopping list with the people you choose.
  • The App compiles a list of all the products that have been added to your selection and allows you to send this information to an email address. 


Offline Use:  Once the BIG BILL Product Selector App is installed, if connected to the Internet, you will be prompted to refresh the content. By clicking on YES, all images and content will be downloaded making BIG BILL’s information available offline.


Refreshing the BIG BILL App. Click the Refresh Button, located at the bottom (arrow button, seen on left) of the home page, to refresh the App. This will pull in all new and relevant product data.