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Sugar Shack “Au Pied de Cochon”

Discover the sugar shack “Au Pied de Cochon“, a story with great success.

As the maple sugar season approaches, it’s time to think about meeting up for a good time at the sugar shack, a tradition that allows us all to get together with family and friends.

Maple syrup is prestigiously associated in the food industry like gold in culinary foods because of the scarcity and demand for the product. The famous chef Martin Picard would be a pioneer to present the formula based on maple syrup to prepare typical North American dishes and also to make pure creations in his television show “Un Chef à La Cabane“.

Martin Picard is the founder of La Cabane “Au Pied de Cochon” located in St-Benoît de Mirabel (Quebec, Canada) which hosts annual meals during the maple sugar season, in which reservations are made several months advanced.

If you wish to experience “Au Pied de Cochon” dishes, but have not made your reservations for the sugar shack, it is therefore possible to visit their restaurant all year round in the borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montréal (Québec, Canada).

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Martin Picard and his partner Vincent Dion-Lavallée getting ready for Maple sugar season.

Group photo of the staff at the Au Pied de Cochon sugar shack.

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